No Man is a (Retail) Island: Clinicality Press to Publish Christopher Nosnibor’s First Novel in 5 Years

Was it something in the air – or the air-conditioning? Something strange is going on at the office of multinational pharmaceutical company, Medico, and the adjacent new the retail park.

Robert Ashton is hired to work on the mysterious Project Mushroom and finds himself in the middle of a strange and dangerous situation involving mind control, riots, bad science, and sexual deviance.

A taut dystopian thriller in the tradition of JG Ballard, Retail Island is dark and perverse, and an unsettling tale of modern times.

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Retail Island will be published by Clinicality Press on 1 Januay 2018. We’re taking advance orders now, and, for a limited time only, we’re including a flat rate of postage to anywhere in the world in the price.

Retail Island

Advance order Retail Island paperback – 193pp – to be dispatched on publication on 1 January 2018. Includes shipping to anywhere in the world.


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