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Clinicality Press, publishers of far out, cutting-edge, postmodern, avant-garde and out-and-out wild works of fiction including Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing With Guts, Bill Thunder’s The Bastardizer and James Well’s catalogue of sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll, Hack, will be drawing a line under the introductory pricing offer of its latest offering, Christopher Nosnibor’s anti-novel This Book is Fucking Stupid on 1st May.

Currently only available as an eBook via Smashwords, the book launched on 1st April for just $0.99. From 1st May, this price will increase to $1.99, and from 1st June the book will cost £2.99.

Plans are already in place for an expanded Kindle edition to be published later in the year, followed in due course by a paperback version. A deluxe hardback edition is planned for 2013.

Everything about this book is stupid, not least of all the price… download your copy of the anti-literary sensation before the end of the month and bag a bargain!

“The most pointless and pathetic attempt at a novel you’re likely to read. If you can honestly say you find something good about this book and can find the ‘point’ to it, you’re smarter than me. Or, more likely, you’re a pretentious asshole and you’re just pretending.”

Download via this book via this link:

TBIFS Cover 2 copy