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Clinicality have been keeping a low profile of late, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been hatching plans for new publications. The silence of recent months won’t last! Coming in the next couple of months, we have a paperback edition of Karl Van Cleave’s spectacularly brutal collection of short stories, Incisions, Collisions and Aborted Missions.

It will be followed by a collaborative work by Van Cleave and Stuart Bateman, which will be a limited, print-only multimedia headfuck.

Finally, we’re also planning to publish Christopher Nosnibor’s previously unseen novel Exiled In Domestic Life.

Keep watching this space, and meanwhile, keep it brutal.

Clinicality Press are elated to announce that Karl van Cleave’s collection of short stories, entitled Incisions, Collisions and Aborted Missions will be published as an e-book via Amazon Kindle and Smashwords on 28th February 2012.

Van Cleave made his Clinicality debut in the Clinical, Brutal… anthology in 2012 and has since featured in the Clinicality blogzine. Incisions… contains 6 short and brutal stories and is Karl’s premiere solo publication. Written in blood with no detail too unpleasant, Karl’s writing is not for those with a delicate disposition.

The six stories are as follows:

Broken Wings
Screw I
Screw II

We’re giving away ‘Blades’ as a free taster over at Smashwords.

Incisions Cover copy

Incisions, Collisions and Aborted Missions will be priced at £3.99 on and (approximately) comparatively on international sites. Links to follow: watch this space.

We’ve been chopping chunks off the prices of our catalogue since the year began, and there are more awesome offers still to come before January’s out. Here’s a quick roundup of what we’ve got going cheap – and even free – so far.

Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing With Guts

The print edition of our landmark collection, Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing with Guts is now available with 25% off the retail price of £7.99.


The Bastardizer by Bill Thunder

We’ve slashed 30% off the paperback edition of this ultra-hard-boiled detective adventure:

Alternatively, the e-book edition of The Bastardizer is available in any digital format you could dream of – including Kindle – for just $1? Yup, a measly dollar. Just enter the coupon code FB29M (not case sensitive) to get it here:


This Book is Fucking Stupid by Christopher Nosnibor

The original e-book of This Book is available for $1.25 (instead of the standard $4.99) in almost any e-book format you could possibly want, follow this link and enter the coupon code GM67T (not case-sensitive).


Hack by James Wells

To download the e-book of Hack for just $1.02 (instead of the standard $2.99) in almost any e-book format you could possibly want, follow this link and enter the coupon code RG77A (not case-sensitive).


From Destinations Set by Christopher Nosnibor

With 25% off the print edition, this brain-bending narrative an now be purchased for just £4.49.


Postmodern Fragments by Christopher Nosnibor

e-book £0.99 (instead of the usual £1.99)


Broken Wings’ by Karl van Cleave

As a taster for Karl’s forthcoming collection of short stories, we’re giving away the first 100 downloads of ‘Broken Wings’ for free. It’s got blood, guts and existentialism in abundance. Get it here in almost any e-book format you could possibly want, including Kindle:


Watch this space for more offers in the coming days… and keep it brutal.

2012 has been a good year for us here at Clinicality. While we’ve not published quite as many titles as we might have hoped due to financial constraints and having lives outside publishing – including crummy day jobs, yadda yadda – we have put out some titles we’re inordinately proud of. They’ve even been shifting units. We’ve also made pretty much all of our catalogue available for Kindle, and this has proved to be a resounding success. We sold more Kindle titles in the second half of 2012 than print books in the preceding 18 months. It might be sad news in terms of our beloved paper books, but as publishers, our main objective is to get our work out there and get it read. So looking to 2013, we’re aiming to build on the successes of the last 12 months, and naturally, we’ll be keeping it brutal.

While we’re yet to firm up the precise dates, we’ve got our publishing schedule for the first half of 2013 pencilled in and it seems only right to share it. So, provided the Mayan Apocalypse fails to materialise next week, the following titles will be hitting the virtual shelves in the coming months:

February 2013: Karl van Cleave – Incisions, Collisions and Aborted Missions. e-book. A collection of short stories that are both clinical and brutal. ‘Blades’, which will feature in the collection, has already been published as a free e-book through Smashwords, and another taster, ‘Broken Wings’ will be unveiled in the next few weeks.

March 2013: Christopher Nosnibor – This Book is Fucking Stupid. Print edition. The anti-novel that redefines literature by dismantling fiction, criticism, theory and reviewing in under a hundred thousand words, originally published as an e-book in April 2011 finally realises something Kindle can’t.

March 2013: James Wells – Hack. Print edition. Published as an e-book in September 2011, Hack is the ultimate tale of sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll. Sordid, seedy and scuzzy, it’s a must-read, relentless rollercoaster of depravity and musical mayhem.

April 2013: Christopher Nosnibor – The Changing Face of Consumerism. e-book. This collection of essays began life as an occasional series of blogs in 2007. Five years on, the series has run to 13 pieces dissecting changes in capitalist culture based primarily around the publishing and music industries. Those articles are all gathered here, along with a number of previously unpublished discussions on the art world and more.

May 2013: Karl van Cleave – Incisions, Collisions and Aborted Missions. Print edition. Expanded with additional material not in the e-book, including the story ‘Listen’.

Keep watching this space for updates… and meanwhile, thanks to all those who have supported us this year (and during the years since we started up), either by reading the blog/zine or buying our books. We really do appreciate it.

We’re proud to announce that our first publication of 2013 will be a collection of short stories by Karl van Cleave entitled Incisions, Collisions and Aborted Missions. It’s clinical and exceptionally brutal and we love it.

Karl contributed a brace of cut-up poems to our landmark Clinical, Brutal… anthology in 2010 and has also had writing featured in the Clinicality Press online.

Ahead of the book’s release, we’ll be putting a couple of the stories out as free e-books via Smashwords, with distribution to other channels  / formats including Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook and Kindle. The first of these, ‘Blades’, is available as of now and can be downloaded for free from HERE.


In recent years, those playfully perverse people behind the increasingly respected and influential Paraphilia Magazine have published a number of far-out paperbacks, while Clinicality Press have carved their own brutal niche in the literary world, producing signature anthologies

In recent years, those playfully perverse people behind the increasingly respected and influential Paraphilia Magazine have published a number of far-out paperbacks, while Clinicality Press have carved their own brutal niche in the literary world, producing signature anthologies A Dream of Stone and Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing with Guts, as well as a number of single-author titles.

From a warped tale of a deranged serial-killer on a rampage of sexual atrocity across a Europe falling apart in the wake of an unspecified global crisis to intense and corrosive uzi-bursts of poetic anti-narrative from some alternative cyberporn universe intersecting ours, and a posthuman ghost anthology, Paraphilia Books specialise in works of extraordinary imagination and deliciously audacious writing.

Clinicality Press have never shied away from putting the unspeakable into print. From the deranged technicality of the splatter-pulp of The Bastardizer by Bill Thunder to the ultimate sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll romp of James Wells’ Hack, they’re all about pushing boundaries and buttons while raising two fingers to decency.

These two radical publishers of cutting-edge fiction and beyond are now now proud to announce that they’ve joined forces to create a twin-headed publishing beast.

To mark the launch of this new venture, the two publishers have made a slew of exciting titles available on Amazon Kindle for the first time. While Clinicality have slammed down a special expanded second edition of Christopher Nosnibor’s all-encompassing anti-novel This Book is Fucking Stupid, Paraphilia Books have gone all out with their first foray into ebooks making an explosive start with no fewer than six digital titles.

New titles published jointly and on the existing separate imprints are already in the pipeline. The future of literature just got brighter.

The following titles are available to download now in all Amazon territories:

The Membranous Lounge by Hank Kirton

A Dream of Stone (and Other Ghost Stories), edited by D M Mitchell and Dire McCain

Parasite One: Parasite Lost by D M Mitchell

Messages to Central Control by A D Hitchin

The Seventh Song of Maldoror by D M Mitchell

Twilight Furniture

For the full Paraphilia / Clinicality catalogue, go to



Call us opportunistic arseholes if you like – we don’t give a fuck as long as we get some exposure and people by our books. And Clinicality Press is all about selling books. Actually, we’re all about great writing – not classically or technically great writing, necessarily, but exciting writing, writing that stirs things up and makes readers think and feel.

So we’re shamelessly proud to announce that July 2012 will see the publication of the expanded second edition of Christopher Nosnibor’s audacious anti-novel / (self)critical text This Book is Fucking Stupid. Subtitled ‘Fifty Shades of Shit’, it sounds the death knell of the postmodern era and will be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Dates, prices and other minor details to follow. Stay with us…

The first edition of This Book is available as an e-book in every format you could dream of through Smashwords, currently priced at $2.99.

When we first established Clinicality Press, we were fairly clueless about things like web design, and if we’re honest, we didn’t know much about publishing either. By much, we mean anything at all. But since 2007 we’ve managed to fumble our way through to achieve the level of slickness that’s come to define this operation.

In setting up the website, we went with Microsoft’s Office Live Small Business because it was inexpensive and easy to use, and we were a (very) small business. This was a good thing, as it meant we could keep everything in-house and control the look of the site (to the best of our limited technical abilities) and besides, we didn’t have the funds to pay someone else to do it.

Some time ago, Microsoft announced it was discontinuing Office Live Small Business, and replacing it with Office Live 365 with effect from 30th April 2012. Unsurprisingly, the new version actually has less of the functionality of its predecessor (for instance, we find the real-time reports and attendant details extremely useful) and costs more. Instead of offering up to 25 emails per domain, domains are charged per email account, and each email address costs more than the old OLSB domain.

The ‘easy’ ‘migration’ from the old OLSB to Office 365 proved to be anything but, and rather than simply upgrade an existing account, users are required to rebuild their pages from scratch.

Then there was the whole deal of having to reassign the domain name. We didn’t have the foggiest about DSN and this code and the other, and spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. Perhaps we slipped up somewhere, or perhaps we didn’t, but having decided, perhaps against our better judgement, to take advantage of Microsoft’s generous offer of a six-month free trial of the new platform in order to give us time to decide what to do next. Unfortunately, thanks to Microsoft (or their needlessly complex and technical ‘migration’ process), we’ve found ourselves without a domain host sooner than anticipated. This morning we discovered that had disappeared. We’re not entirely sure what happened. is no more.

We’ve lost a lot of pages. Having just published our latest title – and we only put out 2 or 3 a year – the timing couldn’t have been much worse. The plan had been to transfer to Office 365, reassign the domain name and keep the transition as smooth as possible, using it as an opportunity to tweak the site design along the way.

In the event, it wasn’t to be. We decided to cut our losses and move the whole operation to WordPress, and having acquired (the annual hosting costs less than the monthly hosting for maintaining the domain through Microsoft), we are now in the process of rebuilding the entire site. We do still have the text for the Clinical, Brutal interview series, and will be reinstating them and everything else as is humanly possible.

There’s a lot of work to do. If we’re slow to reply to any messages, that’s because we’re busy. Thankfully, we can still access our domain-specific emails. But please, do message us. And do buy our books. The titles already out there are still available through most channels, and we’ll have our own on-line store back up and running as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, keep it brutal.

September was a busy month: James Well’s novel Hack was simultaneously published via Smashwords and as an Amazon Kindle edition, which is available for £2.88 from the site, $4.48 in the US, and roughly equivalent prices in different currencies across the other Global Amazon sites. Free samples are available, with the most comprehensive – the first 15% – and in a range of formats being available from Smashwords.
Christopher Nosnibor conducted an in-depth interview with James, which can be found on his blog.

Hack 4 copy


We’ve also just launched Kindle editions of Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing With Guts and Bill Thunder’s brutally hard-boiled detective novel, The Bastardizer. These now join Christopher Nosnibor’s furiously experimental anti-novel THE PLAGIARIST, and further titles will be added shortly.

Finally, we’re always on the lookout for new material for our Blog/zine. If you think you have a piece of poetry or prose with enough punch to knock out a frenzied lion, get in touch via the website.