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Clinicality Press is proud to announce the arrival of the debut novel from Ellis Johnson. ‘Peep Book’ takes Michael Powell’s infamous movie about voyeurism and retells it through a digital lens. A tale of dark psychopathy in the age of social media, it’s a classic postmodernist work, an exercise in retelling and social commentary that still resonates with the greater depths of human interaction. Witty and accessible, it’s a killer read.

‘Peep Book’ is being published as a paperback and e-book by Clinicality Press, and will available globally through all on-line retailers shortly after. The paperback, priced £7.50 (or local current equivalent), will be available to order through all conventional retailers also, and is available now directly via the Clinicality storefont (click the image below to puchase). 

Peep Book Cover Front Only

Genre: Horror/thriller/contemporary/pastiche/humour

Tags: voyeurism, stalking, doomed romance, sexual predator, serial killer, psychopath, kink, fetish, murder, indie media

The blurb:

‘Peep Book’ is a cautionary tale for the networked society. Ellis Johnson takes Michael Powell’s infamous movie about voyeurism and retells it through a digital lens. Who is watching you? Would you meet them? Would you bed them? If not, why not? Louise is a bored 40-something. Joshua Spleen is a web designer looking through a glass darkly. Together they are on a collision course for sex, murder and mayhem. Cathy Collis is a distinguished peer and knight of the realm. Monteray is a hippy pathologist working in the newly outsourced Upatho of Jeremy Hunt’s wet dreams. Cutting corners where crime solving is concerned can only lead to the kind of carnage that ‘Peep Book’ relates. Maybe it’s best to leave your smart phone at home!

About the author:

After winning a country cash prize for her creative writing it looked as though Ellis Johnson’s future as an author was ensured. Instead, she took a detour into the film industry, worked as a teacher, and became an activist. Taking a Masters at Goldsmiths, University of London, under the tutelage of Jennifer Bajorek, ensured that what little was left of her brains was completely scrambled and so she currently resides in the Garden of England where she manages to avoid owning a dog and instead takes a leisurely approach to village life involving herself in the church and other suitable pursuits for a ‘grown-ass’ woman.

While we’ve been away, we’ve been looking at our publishing methods in comparison to other publishers. And we’ve decided we’re doing exactly the right thing, ploughing our own furrow. There’s so much snobbery and elitism in the industry, and we want no part in it. Therefore, our objective remains unchanged: to publish great books that we find exiting, regardless of trends. Our books will continue to look like no-one else’s, instead of following the herd. And we still have no budget.

Still, during our haitus, we’ve discovered that many publishers, partcularly indies, make a big deal of unveiling the cover art to their forthcoming publications. Most of them seem to feature male torsos, ripped and glistening, or hot chicks in underwear, regardless of genre. It’s not out style, but we thought we’d nevertheless make a deal of the grand reveal for not just one, but two, of three titles scheduled for release later this autumn.

Feast your eyes… and watch this space.


Peep Book Front Cover Only Small

Peep Book by Ellis Johnson

Cover art by Alexandra Sedo



Rage Book Cover copy

The Rage Monologues by Christopher Nosnibor

Cover art by Stuart Bateman