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Not only are we a zero-budget publisher, but we’re committed to skinning ourselves alive in our desire to see our books read by as many people as possible. Which means we’re doing a January sale thing. We’re offering key titles in print with some whopping discounts – up to 40% in some cases. Which is pretty much cost price. So we care? No. We’re not in it for the money. We’re all about the books. This link to our shop front is all you need, dear readers – so go on, fill yer boots.

It’s not a January sale… it’s a new year promotion that means that readers who are skint after Christmas can afford our awesome books. So in the interests of public service and shafting ourselves out of any profit we could possibly hope to make from our publications, we’re knocking a whacking chunk off the standard price of the original edition of Christopher Nosnibor’s head-shredding anti-novel, This Book is Fucking Stupid.

Ben and Stuart are old friends. Having known one another since school, they’ve grown up together and remained friends into adulthood. But now into their thirties, their lives have taken very different paths, and they’re now very different people, leading very different lives, following different careers. Ben is a conformist: office job, moderately successful, and teetering on the brink of a premature midlife crisis. Stuart is a rebellious non-conformist, a lifelong student and a writer who sneers at the humdrum and derides corporate sell-outs.

Ben is tortured by the tedium of his job and struggling with his work / life balance and worries about money and living a life unfulfilled, while Stuart worries about his thesis and living a life unfulfilled and pretends not to care about money. But are they really so very different?

At the heart of this radical novel that dismantles the very notion of ‘the novel’ lies a thought-provoking work that challenges notions of authorship and the distinctions that separate theory, criticism, fiction and memoir, there lies a touching tale of midlife anxiety in the postmodern age of late capitalism and information overload.

To download This Book is Fucking Stupid at the bargain-basement offer price of $1.25 (instead of the standard $4.99 – that’s a discount of 74%!) in almost any e-book format you could possibly want, follow this link and enter the coupon code GM67T (not case-sensitive).

TBIFS Cover 2 copy


This offer ends 1st February 2013. Watch this space for more heavy-duty discounts and free shit from Clinicality Press.

We’re robbing ourselves here… The print edition of our landmark collection, Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing with Guts is now available with 25% off the retail price of £7.99.

Clinical, Brutal… features writing by: Pablo Vision / Kestra Faye / Jim Lopez / Radcliff Gregory / Díre McCain / Stewart Home / A.D. Hitchin / Christopher Nosnibor / Richard Kovitch / Lee Kwo / S. F. Grimm / David Mark Dannov / D M Mitchell / Jock Drummond / Lucius Rofocale / Stuart Bateman / Karl van Cleave / Vincent Clasper / Constance Stadler / Bill Thunder / Christopher Bateman / Simon Phillips / Maria Gornell

An anthology of poetry and prose that encapsulates the ethos of Clinicality Press and the essence of Clinical Brutality as a mode of writing. Featuring some of the most exciting up and coming writers, as well as a number of more established cult figures, this collection is a short, sharp shock: clinical, brutal, cutting edge. It’s all about those small, everyday random acts of violence, not all of which are physical or even necessarily entirely tangible, that are common to us all, written in blood using direct, precise and powerful language. This is writing for the post-CSI generation. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

What critics have said about this book…

‘The only thing to do is to plunge in, sliding effortlessly through the smears of blood and juicy ropes of gore to the heart of the story.’ – Jessica Maybury, DecomP Magazine

‘…at its best this clinical, brutal writing can, in many instances, be cynical, beautiful writing’ – Christopher Willard, BookPleasures

‘…a nauseating and very surreal collection of short stories and poems that captured my attention from the front cover, to the very last page.’ – Victoria Gonzales, Reader Views

To bag a copy at the bargain basement price of £5.99, follow this link.


This offer ends 1st February 2013. Watch this space for more heavy-duty discounts and free shit from Clinicality Press.

Clinicality Press, publishers of far out, cutting-edge, postmodern, avant-garde and out-and-out wild works of fiction including Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing With Guts, Bill Thunder’s The Bastardizer and James Well’s catalogue of sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll, Hack, will be drawing a line under the introductory pricing offer of its latest offering, Christopher Nosnibor’s anti-novel This Book is Fucking Stupid on 1st May.

Currently only available as an eBook via Smashwords, the book launched on 1st April for just $0.99. From 1st May, this price will increase to $1.99, and from 1st June the book will cost £2.99.

Plans are already in place for an expanded Kindle edition to be published later in the year, followed in due course by a paperback version. A deluxe hardback edition is planned for 2013.

Everything about this book is stupid, not least of all the price… download your copy of the anti-literary sensation before the end of the month and bag a bargain!

“The most pointless and pathetic attempt at a novel you’re likely to read. If you can honestly say you find something good about this book and can find the ‘point’ to it, you’re smarter than me. Or, more likely, you’re a pretentious asshole and you’re just pretending.”

Download via this book via this link:

TBIFS Cover 2 copy