Feel the Rage

We are proud to announce that an expanded edition of Christopher Nosnibor’s Rage Monologues, previously only available as a limited-edition pamphlet at his live performances, will soon be available as a trade paperback and e-book.

Check the burb here:

Modern life is full of niggles and frustrations. It’s also bursting with ballaches and tempestuous turmoils on a global scale. What is it that winds you up or grinds your gears? Sometimes, it’s an accumulation of the little things that push you to, or over, the brink. So, what gets under your skin, gnaws away at your gut, and drives you crazy? For Christopher Nosnibor, the answer is pretty much everything. Evolved as a spoken word project over the course of three years, The Rage Monologues is the hoarse, enraged, spittle-spraying voice of one man against the world. Politics, media, poetry, and post office queues – it’s open season in this collection of splenetic, profanity-laden tirades. By turns amusing, sad, and simply ire-fuelling, The Rage Monologues is a relentless, uncompromising, and eye-poppingly vitriolic tour de force.

Clock the cover art here:

Rage Book Cover copy

Dates, prices, and perhaps some excerpts to follow. Keep watching this space.

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