This Book will Change Everything… Christopher Nosnibor Returns and this Time He’s Really Lost the Plot

Christopher Nosnibor’s latest literary assault takes his quest for literary self-annihilation to a new level and poses the question: is this the end of the novel?

Boasting a title that borders on the unmarketable and is guaranteed to be blocked by most retailers, ‘This Book is Fucking Stupid’ is arguably the very definition of commercial suicide. The paper-thin plot eschews literary conventions such as character development and linear progression, and instead focuses on a brief period of stasis in the lives of two friends who are growing apart.

However, true to form, Nosnibor shatters all semblance of continuity to forge a work that stretches what can be considered a novel to breaking point. Identities crumble beneath the weight of self-negating ideas and linear narrative dissolves in a corrosive tsunami of conflicting concepts and contradictory commentaries. ‘This Book’ is a challenging and labyrinthine work designed to confuse, bewilder and frustrate, as well an beguile, amuse and entertain. ‘This Book’ may be stupid, or it may be a work of genius. Either way, it’s a book like no other.

Yet beneath it all is a thought-provoking work that challenges notions of authorship and the distinctions that separate theory, criticism, fiction and memoir, and amongst the rubble there lies a touching tale of midlife anxiety in the postmodern age of late capitalism and information overload.

‘This Book is Fucking Stupid’ will be published as an e-book by Clinicality Press on 10th May 2012.

More details to follow.

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