Fifty Shades of Cashing In: This Book is Discounted

Clinicality Press are pleased to announce that from today, and for a limited time only, the Kindle Christopher Nosnibor’s novel to end all novels, This Book is Fucking Stupid will be available at a reduced price.

The Kindle-exclusive ‘Fifty Shades of Shit’ special edition contains substantial sections of additional material, including an introduction by Douglas Coupland and an afterword by S F Grimm, not in the standard first edition.

At the heart of this radical novel that dismantles the very notion of ‘the novel’ lies a thought-provoking work that challenges notions of authorship and the distinctions that separate theory, criticism, fiction and memoir. ‘This Book’ forges a touching tale of midlife anxiety in the postmodern age of late capitalism and information overload through an ambitous and ingenius synergy of form and content.

With the revised and expanded ’50 Shades of Shit’ special edition, Nosnibor really ratchets up the audacious polemic and smashes every aspect of contemporary (pseudo) literary and mainstream fiction and the publishing industry with brain-bending results.

This Book is Fucking Stupid is available from for just $3.61, and for £2.29.

TBIFS Cover 2 copy

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