Book Promotion and Branching Out

Just because we’ve not posted any new fiction or news on here recently doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening at Clinicality Press. We’ve got a few things in the pipeline for 2013, including a first print edition of Christopher Nosnibor’s latest novel, This Book is Fucking Stupid, and other which we’ll announce in due course.

Meanwhile, being clinical, brutal and cutting edge, we’re considering new avenues for getting Clinicality out there. Because we think we’re pretty rock ‘n’ roll and espouse the punk ethos in a publishing context, and some of our covers are a groove sensation, we thought, hey, why not Clinicality T-shirts?

So far, we’ve come up with a Clinical, Brutal design based on our ethos-defining anthology and a This Book is Fucking Stupid themed design.


Clinical Shirt

Clinical… Brutal




This T-Shirt is Fucking Stupid


So, who wants one?

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